Pokemon X and Y: | Pokémon Bank | Pokemon Black/White: how to Generate Any Pokemon Tutorial.

Pokemon X and Y: | Pokémon Bank | Pokemon Black/White: how to Generate Any Pokemon:

Pokemon X and Y: Pokemon Black / White: how to Generate Any Pokemon.

Pokemon X and Y: Pokemon Black / White: how to Generate Any Pokemon.

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Pokémon X & Pokémon Y Battle Tournament 2014 begins this March


Calling all Pokémon players! The search for the best Pokémon X and Pokémon Y videogame experts in the country is on – as the Nintendo Pokémon XPokémon Yis announced. As well as a quest to find some of the best Pokémon Trainers, Nintendo is also on the hunt for any new Pokémon players who want to test their skills as the ultimate Pokémon teams.

The qualifying events kicking off on March 1st at selected GAME stores and shopping centres across Great Britain, will then lead to a Grand Final taking place in London in April. The two top placing Trainers from the ‘Ultimate Pokémon Expert’ and ‘Junior Expert’ age categories at the Grand Final will then be offered fast track entry to the Pokémon UK Video Game Championships event this coming Spring, meaning they skip straight to the second round.

Qualifying regional events will start at the Birmingham Bullring and at GAME Brighton on March 1st. Pokémon fans of all experience levels can battle, enjoy StreetPass with other attendees and prove their prowess on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, available now on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

The four titles up for grabs include:

Ultimate Pokémon Expert - The winner of the prestigious “Ultimate Pokémon Expert” title – a category open to those aged thirteen years or older – will earn themselves a week-long trip for two to Japan, the birthplace of Pokémon. They’ll be able to immerse themselves in the Pokémon world by visiting the Pokémon Center and also explore all of the sights of Tokyo. Recommended for seasoned Pokémon players the “Ultimate Pokémon Expert” title will test your Pokémon skills to the limit. The first and second place winners in the Ultimate Pokémon Expert category will receive fast track entry to the second round of the official Play! Pokémon UK VGC event this Spring.

Junior Expert - Younger Pokémon Trainers (12 or under) itching to compete can enter the “Junior Expert” category. In this competition, a weekend trip for the whole family to Alton Towers hotel and theme park is up for grabs, for whoever comes out victorious. The first and second place winners in the Junior Expert age category will receive fast track entry to the second round of the UK Pokémon Video Game Championships event this Spring.

Ultimate Team - The “Ultimate Team” competition is exclusively for two family members (one aged 16+ and one 12 or under) who want to team up and take on other families in a four-player Double Battle. Successful teams will have the chance to win a £250 Nintendo UK Online Store voucher and a group trip for four to one of the world’s best gaming shows: EGX London 2014. This event takes place in Earls Court London, from September 25th – 28th and offers visitors the chance to play the biggest games before they are released.

Pokémon Apprentice - New enthusiasts can enter the “Pokémon Apprentice” title; where complete newcomers to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y can battle it out to receive a mega bundle of Nintendo 3DS games up to the value of £300.

The winners of each category will be crowned at the Grand Final in London on 26th April.

To see terms & conditions, a full list of Pokémon Battle Tournament locations or to apply to take part, head to the official registration page now. Do you have what it takes?



Special Tournament in Brazil!

This tournament is call StreetBlast Battle and is going to start on February 23 but in some states is held in other dates. Ask the group of your state for more details.

The tournament is going to held in: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Goiânia, Recife, João Pessoa, Manaus, Macapa, Sao Luiz, Christmas, Belém, Cuiabá, and Santos Jundiaí.

The activities are:

1 ) League Mario Kart 7 – Balloon Battle

Rules: Battle 4 / Random track / No CPU / All items / No teams
National Award: Pokémon X or Y with Official Timeline fabric of Geekverse

2 ) League Pokémon X / Y – LOP (League Pokémon Organized)

Rules: Basic Rules LOP / 6 vs. 6 / OR / PokéBank allowed
National Award: Medal and digital participation Ranking PokéBlast

Basic Rules: http://loprj.com/regras-basicas-2014-pokebank/

3 ) StreetPass + free games Luigi’s Mansion, Kid Icarus, Mario Tennis and other


How to participate?

You can confirm its presence in StreetBlast Battle accessing the event page on the League-N Blast your state group. There you can see the date, time and location where the meet up will be held, as well all the details of the meeting. Here are all the regional leagues – to join, just visit the page and click the “Join Group”:

1 ) League-N Blast SP (partner: LOP-SP )

2 ) League-N Blast RJ (partner: LOP-RJ )

3 ) League-N Blast RS (partner: LOP-RS)

4 ) League-N Blast MG (partner: LOP-BH)

5 ) League-N Blast DF (partner: LOP-DF)

6 ) League-N Blast GO (partner: LOP-GO)

7 ) League-N Blast EC (partner: LOP-CE)

8 ) League-N Blast EP (partner: LOP-PE)

9 ) League-N Blast AM (partner: LOP-AM)

10 ) League-N AP Blast (partner: LOP-AP)

11 ) League-N Blast MA (partner: MA-LOP)

12 ) League-N Blast PA (partner: LOP-PA )


The following N-League Blast lack Lops in your region, but also carry out the StreetBlast with free games of Pokémon X / Y without participation in the LOP Season Blast:

1 ) League-N Blast PR

2 ) League-N Blast RN

3 ) League-N Blast PB

4 ) League-N Blast MT

5 ) League-N Blast SP / Santos

6 ) League-N Blast SP / Jundiai


Have the following Lops have no League-N Blast in your area. They will not achieve StreetBlast but promote the traditional events of LOP under the seal Season Blast :

1 ) LOP-SC

2 ) LOP-BA

3 ) LOP-PI


5 ) LOP-PA


Translated by Ann
Source: http://www.nintendoblast.com.br/2014/02/lop-streetblast-battle-ghost-gym.html#gsc.tab=0



Latiasite & Latiosite Mega Stones HOT!@!!



Pokemon X/Y: How to Generate your own Pokemon | Pokemon X&Y: Pokebank Pokegen/SAV Transfer Tutorial!

Pokemon X & Y: Pokebank Pokegen/SAV Transfer Tutorial!

U need:
Console Nintendo 3DS, Game Pokemon X/Y, Game Pokemon Black/White or Black2/White2, Pokemon Bank app.

Kazo’s Smogon Database:



Look also: http://hexe.bplaced.net/pokemon-blackwhite-how-to-get-shiny-mew-and-all-event-pokemon/

If have any problem to use it can u PM me in FB Fanpage.