Pokemon Black/White: How to get Shiny Mew and All event Pokemon

get all pokemon
Pokemon Black/White: How to get Shiny Mew and All event Pokemon FREE GTS DOWNLOAD to u cardrige:

how to got

how to got

Shiny Mew from Jap Emerald in Black/White GEN V:
Only one way to get this pokemon it’s migrate it from Emeral jap (You could be got it here) to Diament/Pearl/Platinium and transfer to palpal poke transfer lab Black&White and Black2&White2 but im show u other way to get legal shiny mew => Now download this file Rar Pack pkm legal shiny mew gen 5 and go to this site Link change your DNS in Connection Settings DS/3DS & following instructions do everything as it is written. Go to gts menu unpack file you downloaded shinymewlegal3gen5.rar database and send it used Add PKM File to Queue to load shiny mew 3gen and accept it to your FrendCode (item palpal) Meet GTS in pkm Center and receive FREE secret shiny mew ♡ !!

How to Send Pokemon to Your Game & GTS Menu

Pokemon Database Download And PokEdit GTS DNS event pkm – Its site u use to method I share u. Hi I a secret Shiny Mew and I Can be Your!!!

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