Pokemon Dark Gagat & Light Chalcedon Version Via WWW


Pokemon MMORPG Lighting [Dark Gagat & Light Chalcedon Version] 0.1

(text game – 2d graphic) PVP / PVM – GYM’s – Wild Mobs – CHAMPION – Tamers /
TOTAL PVP NO SAFE PLACE. Multiplayer PVM avaiable (Champion, gym, mobs).

-The two playable persona jet Dark & ​​Light Chalcedony -
Enjoying with; Level LV (1-10), stats of persona, persona -skills (4SKILLS:
Instinct / Techniques Lore Pokemon, Pokemon Veterinary, Craftering), and total
control over the Pokemon Tamers quiddity (p-passive / tribute ability).
-Possible exchange of individual items between players, which are on the same
-The battles in real time turbo click.
-Over 50 unique maps lol.
-26 + Playable Pokémon classified into one of 10 elements (psychic, fire,
thunder, etc..).Catching wild Pokemon in designated areas.
-Employers R technology named Dark Ball so it can capture the Dark Pokemon! Woo
-Team Rocket Recruting! – Recruitment for Employers R, possible for each player,
requiring only a small item complete the quest.
-Tamers ability to use skills such as Pokemon creature fly, teleport, etc…
-Equipment stuff – Eyez glaases (Increases the rate at item pick-up) and watch (This
is necessary so as not to be late on the train, without it ever hit the
locomotion, forget it).
-hatched Pokémon’s! Hatched Egg!Quick registration persona is a militarized
space on the site, provided with the choice of six difficulty modes slashered
earthly gifts.
-The total freedom between the tamer and the player, which distinguishes the
production of competitive market mmo games of this type (click: work ) LOL!
-More and more…

Technologies used: HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, AJAX & JavaScript.
Multiplayer PvP / PvM open world game.
Probly news update come:

Two new sprite on the persona, as well as the current will be modeled on the
lunar calendar of 12 animals.
The possibility of building his own house in the designated areas.
New Skill: Berry Cultivation.

LOL I can not wait for the latest games pkm 6gen. This is my first game I draw a
few scraps and compiled it in total Amatore lighting mmorpg. The advantage of
the game will certainly, the opportunity to write your own macros for your Tamer,
player. PvP is a total lighting, using the previously mentioned methods player
becomes invulnerable Tamer justice or racial PK can be on Rockets Team colors yo.
Attack by using selected combinations of elements beyond the benefit used tamer
skill ability. Defend yourself and treat your Pokemon, with bandages or one of
the many methods of medicine pokemon! Use the Dark Ball, a dark technology
company engineers Team Rockets to chatch dark Pokemon, forming in the new
statistics in the middle of being, turn into shadows in the chamber, according
to Dark Ball:0


by Turtlekamboge

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