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How to get Shiny Mew and All event Pokemon (B/W & B2/W2) 5gen and 4gen

shiny mew img
★ SUP ★ ;p I hope also to this that most of you probably know this, so you either forgot to remind possible way.
I hope also to no tolerance to gain unprecedented Pokemon from event, but no one urge the that using such methods to inherit pocket creatures.
Pokemon received by GTS in this way, non-doubling any changes with EV stats or inaccessible attacks (Togepi whith Fat ability, etc..) Will not be possible this to use it and move by poke-transporter and send to a Pokemon Bank. LISEN All other Pokemon agreed to be normally sent to the application AND WORK IN POKEMON BANK X&Y you can get you dreaming pokemon now! :) :) :)
Thanks everyone for visiting! I made even more secret materials and link which I will share over-time!!! :> => Dont waste time to breeding or Pokeradar to cath wild shiny in grass u can get it now using method what I share :) TY THX for vote and watching if im help plz vote in Toplist im need your Help :P! C.U!
Mew-Menu –> Unova –> Pokemon Black/White: How to get Shiny Mew and All event Pokemon

XD xD ;p -★-★-★ HAPPý TO GET SHINY MEW AND ALL OTHER PKM??? GOOD!!! I hapy to if I can help u ★-★-★- !! :> !!

Again He he he Ty! THANKS YOU! For comment, vote and visite in my BloQ Yep XD :P :P


Legendary Trio wait to download

I hope that the good bank Pokemon come out any day now, I would love to send my legendary trujkę and spend some time with them in Pokemon Amie. Currently I visit kalos in the search for new active Pokemon that have not yet managed to catch. I hope this time is not extended to Easter! As soon as you come out the application immediately I download my Celebi as much as you! xD Hehehe.

Ich hoffe, dass die gute Bank Pokemon kommen jetzt jeden Tag, ich würde gerne meine legendäre Trio senden und verbringen einige Zeit mit ihnen in Pokemon Amie. Derzeit besuche ich kalos bei der Suche nach neuen aktiven Pokemon, die es noch nicht geschafft haben, zu fangen. Ich hoffe, dass dieses Mal nicht verlängert wird dieses Ostern! Sobald Sie die Anwendung sofort kommen und wir Celebi so viel Sie downloaden :) Hie hie.

Pokemon Legend

Where my Celebi?! I wanna Bank now!

Pokemon X&Y Art

I was convinced that I had the great fortune to send my pokemon from black & white to the bank. Unfortunately, that did not happen, but influenced today by browsing the eShop reminder of the registration for the Nintendo Network so maybe is already in preparation for the release Poke transporter & Pokemon Bank. I am waiting for the pregnancy of my dream Celebi. This time I’m looking all the time for new materials to be placed on the page. How you spent New Year’s Eve? I had a great time with friends at the party! xD